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KLUMB LLC was founded by Kandice Klumb in 2019. Kandice works with individuals, teams, and small to mid-sized organizations focusing on the human side of organizations.  This includes talent development, team effectiveness, individual growth, organizational culture, and strategic planning.  All engagements have an element of creating awareness, exploring solutions, designing action plans, determining accountability measures, and developing sustainable, positive change. Ultimately, she works to help build more productive, collaborative, and engaged organizations by linking culture and leadership to employee engagement and business performance.
- Leverage the power of awareness to help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive -
Kandice has spent the past 10 years focusing on the understanding and development of people. Her experience includes spending four years learning about cross-cultural communication, adult learning methodology, and navigating change in Da Nang, Vietnam and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has developed and implemented leadership curriculum for front-line to senior level leaders along with creating global forums for more than 1,200 people managers in 40+ countries. The past two years have been dedicated to looking at organizational redesign and change management through the lens of culture, values, communciation, behavior change, and measurement.
Kandice received a Master's Degree in Human Dimensions of Organizations focusing on the understanding of how and why people behave and work the way they do. The curriculum drew on disciplines in the humanities and social and behavioral sciences. Her primary areas of focus included organizational culture, value-alignment, the role of leaders, and how to measure human behavior and change. During this time she researched the benefits, barriers, and methods of increasing self-awareness in relation to leadership effectiveness and overall satisfaction.
Through these experiences came the values that Kandice brings to all of her engagements:
- integrity, growth, empowerment, optimism, accountability -

Kandice Klumb