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Professional Coaching

Are you working to accelerate the development of your high potential employees?

Are you an individual who is experiencing burnout and would like to take action to get unstuck?

Do you have a goal that you are determined to accomplish this year and want help with action planning and accountabiity?

Why Coaching

There are many reasons why people decide to work with a coach. No matter the challenge or opportunity that the client wants to work on, a coach's role is to bring objectivity, resources, and a willingness to challenge their clients in a supportive way to help with accountability and growth. A coach can help uncover what is getting in the way, create a more realistic action plan, and expand the perspective of the client to see new possibilities and solutions.

A successful coach is a skilled listener, brings powerful questions, provides tools and resources, opens up possibilities, and remains objective. A successful client has the desire to work toward solutions, has an open mind to possibilities, has a willingness to take action, and is ready to invest in their own growth.

Coaching Engagements

The duration of a coaching engagement can be customized to meet individual needs.  

Common Coaching Areas:
Career Change
Career Advancement
Stepping into a New Role
Skill & Capability Development
Leading a New Team
Investment in Self-Improvement

Typical Packages:
6 month - 24 session package 
6 month - 12 session package 
4 month - 16 session package 
4 month - 8 session package 
Hourly extensions 
360 Assessment Additions
Additional Assessment Options Coming Soon