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KLUMB LLC was founded by Kandice Klumb in 2019. Kandice coaches and facilitates sessions for individuals, teams, and small to mid-sized organizations. All engagements have an element of creating awareness, exploring solutions, designing action plans, determining accountability measures, and developing more productive, collaborative, and engaged people.
- Leverage the power of awareness to help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive -

Kandice Klumb

Leadership Coach & Faciliator 

About Kandice

Hi, I'm Kandice Klumb and I am thrilled that you are here and hopeful that we will get to partner together.

I have spent more than a decade focused on people development. My experience ranges from spending four years learning about cross-cultural communication, adult learning methodology, and navigating change in Da Nang, Vietnam and Buenos Aires, Argentina to developing and implementing leadership curriculum and global learning forums for more than 1,200 people managers in 40+ countries. I had three years dedicated to looking at organizational redesign and change management through the lens of culture, values, communication, behavior change, and measurement. 
I am a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in leadership development, career transitions, and wellbeing. I received a Master's Degree in Human Dimensions of Organizations focusing on organizational culture, value-alignment, the role of leaders, and how to measure human behavior and change. During this time I researched the benefits, barriers, and methods of increasing self-awareness in relation to leadership effectiveness and overall satisfaction. 
Through these experiences came the values that I bring to all of my engagements:
- integrity, growth, empowerment, optimism, accountability -

I have been on a lifelong journey of personal development; working to better understand the secret to happiness, re-defining success, grappling with where I best 'fit', learning to adapt, be resilient, connect with others...I have left jobs when they didn't feel right, moved cities, moved countries, changed career paths, studied behavior, coached leaders, led, built connections, left relationships, and had moments of career triumph and moments of complete embarrassment. What I found is that no matter the situation there was always the desire for forward movement and to empower others.

I believe ta are capable of being in the roles that we want, in the kinds of the organizations that we want, with the financial security that we want, living the lives that we want. The first step is to demystify some of the complexities of human nature to get a better understanding and acceptance of ourselves, of others, and of our environment. With your new awareness you can determine the skills and mindsets that will be most helpful in our progression.

This is where I come in, I partner with people to get to core of the current circumstance and work on a plan to make the choices and create the change that they are after. We all can use help in meeting our goals and being the best versions of ourselves. My hope is to help increase confidence, grow skillsets, and shift mindsets to create more satisfied and energetic people. After all, more engaged people, teams, and organizations lead to happier, healthier, and more connected communities where we all want to live and I am determined to help.

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