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The Approach

Whether working on organizational, team, or individual development there are always the following elements included in the appraoch.

What do we want the world to look like?  What is the ideal image?  What would be different if we accomplished this? How would we know that we have been successful?

At the start of any engagement it is crucial to understand what we all agree that we are working toward & then getting clear on the actual current state.

Get an overall view of the culture, values, and the change to be implemented or problem that we are trying to address. Use of interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc.

Use of interviews, assessments, current team charter, purpose, cross-functional interdepencies, problem areas, level of trust, conflict, commitment, accoutability, and results.

Increasing self-awareness is the first step in creating an unshakeable sense of identity and purpose.  We look at performance feedback, assessments, current level of satisfaction, strengths, personal attributes, areas for development, current mindset, and beliefs.

It is important to review the data gathered and determine what conclusions we can draw from it, where discrepencies lie, what data is most valuable for our purposes, what is most surprising, what needs further investigation, and how we will use the data to move forward.

Work with leadership team to brainstorm possible solutions, discuss risk-mitigation plans, determine the decision-making criteria, and agree on those that need to be involved in the decision and in what capacity.

Brainstorm new rules of engagement, communication strategies, follow-up procedures, methods of accountability, and priorities.  Determine what the challenges will be and get a level of commitment for a final decision.

Partner with your coach to discover all of the possibilities of what you can do, focusing primarily on the present, solutions, and visioning toward the future. Address the internal and external barriers, and priorities.

This is where we transform diagnosis into action. This includes overall goals of the change, change management plan, finalized risk mitigation plans, learning plans, and ensuring that we know who needs to be invovled at what times during the process & how we will be communicating to the organization and different groups along the way. 

Team development plans include timelines, actions, roles, responsiblities, plans to overcome barriers, what role the leader and each team member will play.

We work on moving from ideas to action by creating a plan. We look at the long-term goal and break it down into an actionable timeline that can be adjusted as necessary.  We create an ideal plan, a backup plan, and a safety net plan to ensure that you are always getting closer to your goal.

This is where we turn strategy into results and create an environment and structure that is in service of the behavior changes that you want to make.  Examples of interventions could include: conduct leadership workshops, communication practice sessions, education sessions around workforce planning, training and practice sessions on creating success profiles for new roles, team building, team workshops, cross-functional teams, and change agent group development. 

Interventions include further examination of the effectiveness of team work, workshops on building trust, adapting, connecting, and collaborating.

Coaching sessions are created to have an outcome. We will uncover stuggles in decision making and ensure that we are getting the clarity around what choices are available.

Change can be unpredictable and ever-evolving so no matter the engagement we want to ensure that we are monitoring and getting regular feedback so that agile adjustments and modifications can be made.  The primary evaluation would be around pre & post surveys looking at behavioral patterns, comparison surveys, and sentiment.

Celebrate progress, recognize key contributors, and take time to reflect on key learnings through the process. We will equip you with tools to move forward with new changes and challenges. Maintanence packages for a lighter version of continued support are always availalbe. 


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